These Comforters Are Slaying It: Buffy Comforter Review

  1. Buffy is approaching the sleep industry with a fresh start. In our Buffy review, we look at their earth-friendly comforters, sheets, and pillows.

Do you like to sleep?

Of course you do.

Do you like to wake up all hot and sweaty and overheated?

Of course you don’t.

Say hello to Buffy. No, not the vampire slayer. Buffy, “the most comfortable comforter on earth.”

The Most Comfortable Comforter on Earth?

Buffy make comforters, sheets, and pillows that are earth-friendly, good for your skin, cruelty-free, and super comfy — bedding that’s soft and cool on your bed, and easy on the planet.

You won’t find animal feathers, virgin polyester, or cotton in any of Buffy’s products.

So, what will you find? Buffy uses “sustainably-grown fibers and recycled fluff:”

  • 100% recycled polyester, made from BPA-free, PET plastic water bottles
  • eucalyptus fiber, made from the wood pulp of renewable eucalyptus trees
  • recycled and plant-based stuffing
buffy comforter review recycled bottles image

And Buffy has plans to take over the world.

Well, maybe not exactly, but they say that bedding is only their first step. Buffy wants to provide you with everything you need to feel comfortable and cozy in your home — from your comforters to your pillows to your rugs — without harming the planet.

Buffy Comforters et al.

Buffy’s products are created only with plant-based, recycled materials…

Including eucalyptus.

If you didn’t know already, eucalyptus is really good for you. And Buffy uses eucalyptus as the core ingredient in the fabric of all of their products. Fun fact: Their eucalyptus is grown in Austria (oh, hi!) and uses ten times less water than cotton. Buffy transforms their eucalyptus into fiber through a waste-free production process. Yay, science!

Check these out:

Buffy Comforters Review

The Breeze

Sizes: Twin/TwinXL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King

Features: Earth-friendly, 100% eucalyptus, temperature-regulating, cool to the touch, cruelty-free

Buffy’s Breeze comforter promises to keep you comfy and cozy without overheating and waking up in a pool of sweat.

The Cloud

Sizes: Twin/TwinXL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King

Features: Earth-friendly, extra fluffy, 15k+ 5-star reviews, all-season, cruelty-free

The Cloud comforter is quite the crowd-pleaser, and one of Buffy’s best-selling products. Here’s my favorite review: “it feels like I’m sinking into a tub of whipped cream.”

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Buffy Sheets Review

Sheet Set

Sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Features: Available in four colors, hypoallergenic, naturally dyed, 100% eucalyptus, cool to the touch, earth-friendly

Buffy’s eucalyptus sheets are cooler and more breathable than cotton, and softer than linen. So… they’re perfect?

Oh, there’s more: The sheets are designed to get softer after every wash. And, they’ve been dyed with natural ingredients (like pomegranates!). So, yes. They’re perfect.

Duvet Cover

Sizes: Only available in Full/Queen at the time of this post

Features: Available in four colors, hypoallergenic, naturally dyed, 100% eucalyptus, cool to the touch, earth-friendly

Buffy’s duvet covers are also made with eucalyptus fabric (of course). Smooth and breathable — and softer after every wash — these covers are the perfect addition to your comforters and sheets.

To dye their duvet covers, Buffy uses natural ingredients like gardenia and pomegranate instead of bleach and chemicals, so rest easy. Literally.

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Buffy Pillows Review

Cloud Pillow

Sizes: Standard, King

Features: Available in soft, medium, and firm; 100% eucalyptus, cool to the touch, cruelty-free, earth-friendly, hypoallergenic

Buffy’s Cloud pillows are filled with recycled fiber and are covered in eucalyptus fabric — soft and planet-friendly. These pillows are the final touch you need for the best night’s sleep ever. They come in multiple soft, medium, and firm so you can find the right pillow whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper!

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Special Offers and Promotions from Buffy

Buffy offers a seven-night trial period, letting you test out their products for a while before you commit.

According to Buffy, after you order, “a temporary hold will be placed on your card, which may appear as ‘pending’ or ‘processing.’” Your card will be charged at the end of your trial if you decide to keep the comforter — or whatever else you’re testing.

More great news: Buffy accepts returns for a full refund within thirty days of the date of your order.

buffy comforter review free shipping and free returns

The Good

Some of the great things about Buffy are:

  • They ship everywhere in the continental US and Canada
  • Their materials are made of 100% silky smooth eucalyptus
  • Their comforters are warm, but breathable and light — no overheating
  • The natural, eco-friendly materials they use make their products resistant to mildew, dust mites, and mold

The Not-so-Good

Some not-so-great things about Buffy might be:

  • They don’t offer international shipping
  • According to some customers, the free trial starts as soon as the order is placed — not when the comforter arrives — so by the time you get your bedding, the trial has almost ended
buffy pillows review image

Who They’re Up Against 

Keep this in mind when comparing Buffy’s comforters to down comforters: Down tends to be warm and breathable, but is made from material found underneath the feathers of ducks and geese. Down is also expensive, and is not hypoallergenic.

Morrow Soft Goods

Morrow offers a broad range of home goods: blankets, throw pillows, duvet covers, quilts, sheets, candles, and rugs. Morrow doesn’t offer comforters, though, and since their products are made of linen, their prices are a lot higher than those of Buffy.

Riley Home

Riley has almost everything, including luxury products for the bedroom and bathroom, and even beds for your dog. They offer down comforters in two styles, and duvet covers in four styles. Riley uses linen, sateen, and cotton materials on their products, and their prices are higher than Buffy’s prices.

Sleep and Beyond

Sleep and Beyond manufactures organic, natural bedding made in fair trade and sustainable factories. They offer products made of wool and cotton, including pillows, comforters, sheets, and covers. Sleep and Beyond’s wool comforters are hypoallergenic and prevent overheating, but their prices are also much higher than Buffy’s prices.


Brooklinen also offers a wide range of home goods, from bedding and sheets, to bath towels and robes, to totes and candles. They offer sheets made with sateen, cotton, linen, and cashmere, and down or down-alternative comforters and pillows. Brooklinen’s products are more expensive than Buffy’s products.

Buffy Review Verdict

If Buffy shipped internationally — and if my free trial started after I’d received my comforter rather than after I’d placed the order — I’d go for it.

I think Buffy’s comforter might be for you if you’re interested in eco-friendly, hypoallergenic bedding. If you’re looking for an affordable comforter that will keep you nice and cozy — without making you sweat through the night — I recommend giving Buffy a try!


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