The Best Hair Toners and Hair Glosses of 2024

Toner, gloss— same thing! Either way you say it, you’re talking about a semi-permanent hair color that adds freshness, shine, and brass reduction to your natural and color treated hair. Serving as the perfect hair refresh, toners are designed to blend hair color.  Typically a toner does not cover grey hair as its lays ON the hair rather than penetrating the hair with ammonia or peroxide which lifts and lightens. So whether you’re heading to your next in-salon appointment or you prefer an at home hair touch up, there is a toner out here for YOU! But with SO many options, how do you choose the best hair toner for your hair type and color?

Well, you came to the right place! Compare all the best hair toners right HERE!

best hair toners - overtone conditioner

oVertone- Color Conditioner

Like many of the BEST beauty items, oVertone was founded and created by two women who found a gap in their hair care routine; their bold and pastel hair religiously faded between constant in salon touch ups and cold shower shampoos. So, oVertone was born! oVertone is a semi permanent, dye-alternative, color conditioner keeping hair color bold and fresh in between salon visits. To be sure your hair needs are customized uniquely for you, complete the oVertone online hair quiz and be perfectly paired with your Color Conditioner. Though designed with bold and fantasy colors in mind, oVertone also has color conditioners that add shine to natural earth tone shades, too. However the bold and fantasy color selection is far more vast and highly rated by committed users and even received  Allure Magazine’s “Best of Beauty” award for 2019.

Pros: Unlike many toners, oVertone focuses on bold and fantasy shades and offers a diverse range for a variety of hair types and colors.  oVertone recognizes color treated hair needs EXTRA love so the Color Conditioner doubles as a deep conditioner, too!

Cons: The application of oVertone Color Conditioner is MESSY! Because the pigment is so intense, be sure to wear gloves to keep from staining your hands.

Best hair toners madison reed gloss bottle

Madison Reed- Color Reviving Gloss

Who wants the hair mess at home— isn’t that for the salon? Well, Madison Reed knows refreshing hair doesn’t need to be messy so they created Color Reviving Gloss, a mix-less toner for use both in the salon and at home! This sheer, semi-permanent gloss tints and enhances color of both natural and color treated hair and is easily applied to hair like a conditioner.  At $25 a bottle, Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss is possibly the BEST bang-for-your-buck with 2 uses per bottle, lasting 6-8 shampoos or 2-4 weeks each!

Pros: You can take your favorite in-salon toner HOME WITH YOU! You can truly maintain your salon results in between salon visits. At $25 a tube and 2 uses each, the price is unmatchable.

Cons: The Color Reviving Gloss is a GLOSS. It adds more shine with much less pigment than other toners and has a longer processing time.

best toners 2019: dpHue- Gloss+

dpHue- Gloss+

Created by colorist and celebrity stylist Justin Anderson for his clients to keep color vibrant between visits, Gloss+ keeps color fresh wherever, whenever. The dpHue semi-permanent hair color is a toner and deep conditioner all in one, making it an EXCELLENT choice for curly girls whose curls often lose shape from color treatment processes. dpHue is BEST used when color is lacking shine and vitality, when it has started to fade, or when your highlights appear brassy. Offered in 11 natural shades, Gloss+ can be mixed with Sheer Gloss+  for additional color options too!

Pros: As a deep conditioning toner, dpHue Gloss+ is an amazing option for curly hair clients as it does not jeopardize the integrity of curls.

Cons: Many redheads have noted the copper and strawberry Gloss+ shades appear more red on hair than burnt copper/strawberry blonde. It is also important to recognize the application of dpHue Gloss+ is MESSY. Be sure to wear gloves when applying.

best hair toners 2020 Kristin Ess- Signature Hair Gloss

Kristin Ess- Signature Hair Gloss

Kristin Ess, hair stylist turned influencer, created her Signature Hair Gloss as an affordable, luxurious way to continuously achieve effortlessly beautiful hair AFTER a salon service. This inshower treatment maintains in-salon color and keeps hair extra conditioned at home. Infused with her specialty formulated Antioxidant Complex the Signature Hair Gloss deep conditions hair and boasts strengthening split ends with its Zip-Up technology. The only downfall— Signature Hair Gloss does require mixing bottles 1 and 2 to activate, and you MUST be sure to shampoo and condition post toning. Though the process of the Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss is a little more in-depth, the extra effort is worth it ESPECIALLY for those in need of a dynamic red toner!

Pros: With the Zip-Up split end repair and Antioxidant Complex, the Signature Hair Gloss does more than just tone hair.

Cons: Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss is a toner that MUST be mixed.  It requires more effort, time, and understanding of hair color to achieve full results.

best hair toner Wella- Color Charm Permanent Liquid Color

Wella- Color Charm Permanent Liquid Color

Plot twist— Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Color is a toner too! Though originally created as an in salon permanent hair color service, Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Color is SO highly rated as a toner that it HAS to be included in Best Hair Toners. Why? Because of its true to tone, glossy finish that mimics a classic toner! Using Wella’s Liquifuse Technology, the shade fuses with the hairs natural tone at its cortex, making it exceptionally fade resistant and creating longer lasting color. Unlike classic toners, this means grey coverage IS achievable with Wella Color Charm, too. It’s the perfect conditioning gloss and grey coverage duo to request from your stylist OR pick up your desired shade in store or online for at home application. Though offered in a variety of shades, Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Color BLONDES are exceptionally rated and reviewed as a true favorite!

Pros: Because Wella Color Charm was created as a permanent color, it has the ability to cover grey unlike a classic gloss.

Cons: Though Wella designed Color Charm to be permanent, it does wash out like a classic toner (lasting about 2-3 weeks). For best results, Color Charm does require a much longer processing time.

Redken shares eq gloss best hair toners

Redken- Shades EQ

If you prefer to keep your hair maintenance IN the salon, ask your stylist about Redken Shades EQ. This professional, in salon gloss helps to protect fresh color AND correct hair color that has faded or become brassy. With an acidic base, Shades EQ toner is a gentler, less damaging way of achieving your style. The shades options are ENDLESS and mixable by your stylist once the desired tone is agreed upon. Rated as one of the longest lasting toners, the Shades EQ gloss even helps to keep grey regrowth from being SO visible (but be sure to ask your stylist for a complete root touch up if grey coverage is your overall goal). Find your Redken EQ Hair Gloss shade here.

Pros: The acidic base of Shades EQ leaves hair in much better condition than some in salon hair treatments. It does not cover grey but does temporarily blend and tone grey hair.

Cons: An in salon appointment is necessary for Redken Shades EQ.


If hair is the crown you wear daily, you deserve to feel confident in it and LOVE it! Restoring health, shine, and color to your hair doesn’t have to be messy and indecisive. Now that you know the BEST hair toners out here for YOUR hair type, you can easily achieve your #hairgoals at home or during your next salon visit! Pick what’s best for you!



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