The Ultimate List of the Best Funny Gag Gifts

gag gifts

What do you get for the friend who has everything? Make a lasting impression by giving the gift of laughter. Here are our favorite funny gag gifts for the holiday season. Don’t be fooled by the janky product packaging, they only add to the funniness!

The Best Funny Gag Gifts 2020

Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball predicto talking ball gift

For your spiritual friend who wants to look into the future. The Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball is here to help with clairvoyant insights. Save the trip to the psychic because the high ratings for Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball forecast a happy giftee.

Rick and Morty – Get Your Shit Together Tee

If your friend is a Rick and Morty fan, like most of our staff at ThePremierGuide, then s/he will love this “Get You Shirt Together” tee by our favorite graphic tee company, HeadyTees. They create unique, funny tee shirts inspired by cult classics like Home Alone, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Bob’s Burgers.

Right Or Racist – Funny Adult Party Gameright of racist book gift

For your borderline, politically incorrect friends. This funny gag gift is a riot for parties and really gets the steam coming right out of people’s ears! Some even claim it’s a better alternative to Cards Against Humanity. The perfect secret santa gift for the office.

2020 Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendarpooping pooches calendar funny gift

What better gift for a dog lover than this calendar? Ring in the new year and say goodbye to vanilla 2019 and welcome in 2020 with some adorable pooping pooches. Perfect for a white elephant gift, though it will probably be the most desired item.

Prank Pack “Roto Wipe” The Original Prank Gift Box

best gag gifts rotowipe

For your European friend that misses their bidet toilets. Help them cleanse their tush with this roto wipe! Luckily, it’s not an actual item. This prank gift box is empty so you can fill it with any gift of your choosing. However, the surprise on the giftee’s face will be the best gift of all. 

Prank Pack “My First Fire” A Prank Gift Box

prank gift box

The perfect gift for a baby shower or a new parent. Watch their joy as they unwrap this gift. Luckily, this is just the box and you can put a real, “safe” gift inside. 

Funny Mug best gag gifts work mugs

For your work wife or work husband. Or anyone that has an office job frankly! This silly gift says it all. 

Funny Adult Note Padsbest hilarious notepad

For the organized friend. This assortment of notepads are great for a little laugh at school, the office, and home. Seeing these notepads immediately brings joy to all. The perfect punny pads! They fit great in purses, briefcases, backpacks, and investor presentation folders (just kidding about the last one). 

Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle Gag Gift

best gag gifts yodeling pickle

For the friend who has everything. There’s no way they already have a yodeling pickle! Known to calm children, beasts, and adults alike with genuine yodeling in the shape of Pickle Rick – yes, it’s a Rick and Morty reference. 

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questionsbest gag gifts absurd questions

For the scholarly friend. What If? Book is a funny yet, sophisticated book that asks all the right questions. Like “Would it be possible to get your teeth to such a cold temperature that they would shatter upon drinking a hot cup of coffee?” to “If every person aimed a laser pointer at the Moon at the same time, would it change color?”. Who hasn’t thought of these questions? We all want answers and this book does just that 

BigMouth Inc. The Original Toilet Mug

best gag gifts funny toilet mug

For the potty mouth office friend. Or the friend that really wants to go to the Toilet Cafe in Japan but hasn’t been able to (if you don’t already know what this is, check it out here). A perfect mug for brown coffee or some chocolate softserve. This is a gag gift that may make you gag.

Funny Adult Coasters Gag Gift

best gag gifts funny coasters

For the classy friend throwing a housewarming party. These coasters will get the message across with some real sass. They’ll appreciate the gesture!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid – Adult Party Game

best adult game gift

For the party host friend. This adult game will test your friendship and guarantee laughs. As the saying goes… honesty is best served drunk. 

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

best funny gifts cat hair book

The perfect gift for the cat lover. Let’s be honest, we all know a cat lover. They make it known with their bright cat sweaters and overt cat memorabilia. Now this is a funny gag gift that comes from actual gagging (hairballs anyone?). Now there’s a book dedicated to creating artful items from their beloved cat’s hair. 

Pooping Animals: A Funny Coloring Book

best gag gifts pooping animals coloring book

The best gag gifts for stressed friends are coloring books. Coloring books are gaining popularity for their relaxing qualities on children and adults. Now you can add lots of giggles to their relaxation time with this gift.

Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Maskbest gag gifts

For the Star Wars lover. Actually, this is for everyone! We’ve all seen the woman who purchases this Chewbacca mask and completely lost it (if not, you’re missing out! Luckily, you can find it here).

It’s endearing and inspiring. Now you can partake in the same joy by ordering yourself or a loved one this awesome Star Wars gift.

Dumbell Beer Glass 

If you want even more gift inspiration for an alcohol-loving pal, then we recommend checking out GiftsForDrinkers. Their site features an infinite scroll of interesting products specifically for drinkers, including coffee and tea drinkers. That’s how we stumbled across this hilarious dumbbell beer glass gag gift! Happy scrolling.


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