The ABCs of Online Learning: Our Review

Let’s Review 

YouTube has been all but banned from our home.

I got tired of my kids watching ridiculous YouTube videos of other families playing games together.

First of all, it’s creepy.

Second, those parents need to quit acting like that’s how they’d live their lives if they weren’t getting cash from the YouTube powers-that-be. No parent has that much energy, or is that excited about going on a 2nd-grade classroom tour.

So if my kids must stare at a screen, instead of watching stalky YouTube videos, they get to play fun, interactive, sometimes-educational games. And I can feel like I’m contributing to their growth and development, even during screen-time.

What is

I’m a self-proclaimed online course junkie, so I am totally on board with any app or online program that will support and enhance my kids’ education. I am writing a review of ABCmouse so you have all the information you need before signing up. is an early learning academy with an online curriculum for kids aged 2-8. They offer more than 850 lessons across 10 levels that teach reading and language arts, math, science and social studies, and art.

Your child starts at the level that you choose for them and progresses through lessons by completing puzzles, learning new songs, visiting their virtual zoo and farm, reading books, coloring, and more.

“We named our site because here children can learn important educational basics (often referred to as “the ABCs”) through the use of a computer mouse. At, the computer mouse comes to life as ABC Mouse, who serves as our site ambassador and guide to early learners everywhere.” Source:

Features of the Curriculum Review site image

Here is our review of the fun features of’s online curriculum:


The curriculum features hundreds of interactive games that each focus on a specific educational concept.


There are more than 450 traditional and original stories and nonfiction books available in’s library.


My favorite feature!’s music collection is unbeatable, featuring original songs about every letter of the alphabet and other curriculum topics.


The curriculum includes hundreds of animated activities that teach specific learning topics. Review game photos


The curriculum includes hundreds of jigsaw puzzles designed to help develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Art activities include coloring pages, dot-to-dots, paint-by-numbers, traceables, and printables.


There are over 2,000 printable activities available across the subjects of reading, math, art, and more.

Tickets and Rewards

Children earn tickets when they complete activities and lessons. The tickets can be used to “buy” virtual items to decorate and personalize their dashboard.

Progress Tracking makes it easy to track your child’s progress with their Progress Tracker. Review learning dashboard

Customizable Avatar

Your child gets to choose his or her own avatar and can add to their customizable collection of accessories by buying extra items with their tickets.

Interactive Zoo

The interactive zoo allows your kids to learn facts about zoo animals by reading books, playing games, and completing fun activities specific to each animal.


Children can choose tropical fish and other fun items to put in their classroom aquarium while learning some fishy facts.

Interactive Farm

The interactive farm has cows, horses, chickens, and more. Your kids can watch farm animal animations while they learn facts about each animal and complete farm activities. Review of their Plans and Subscriptions

Right now, is offering your first 2 months for $5.

After your first free month, a subscription costs $9.95 per month. You also have an option to take 49% off with an annual subscription!

With a subscription, up to three children can use the app at the same time. on tablet smartphone computer Pros

Some of the cool things about are:

  • Their curriculum is award-winning
  • The curriculum covers reading and language arts, math, science and social studies, and art and colors
  • The complete system is available on computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • They offer excellent value at a low cost
  • The system is subscription-based, and there’s no advertising or links to other sites
  • You can be involved in the lessons, or kids can learn on their own
  • Members have unlimited access to’s 10,000+ learning activities
  • There are different payment options to choose from — each account includes up to three student profiles Cons

Some things about that you should keep in mind are:

  • They use incentivized learning, which can be distracting for some kids
  • Depending on a payment option means you’ll need to budget for long-term use
  • The Progress Tracker requires an additional subscription
  • The interface is a bit busy and can be distracting
  • does not offer refunds (start with the free month to test it out)
  • There have been reports of system crashes and poor customer support


Of course, isn’t the only player on the field. Here are two of’s alternatives:

Adventure Academy

From the creators of ABCMouse, this program is geared towards older kids at elementary- and middle-school levels. Kids who want to brush up on their math, science, and language arts skills may find Adventure Academy to be just their cup of tea. Adventure Academy introduces students to an interactive world of educational activities. Kids are sent on missions, which include lessons on reading comprehension, writing strategies, and vocabulary development. Kids will also practice math operations, the scientific method, and more. Subscriptions start at $9.99 a month. Like, Adventure Academy offers the first month free.


Time4Learning is more specifically geared towards homeschooling families. They offer a full homeschooling curriculum, including multimedia lessons and activities. Time4Learning’s standards-based homeschool curriculum is available for kids all the way up through high school and offers foreign language lessons. Because Time4Learning is a complete homeschool curriculum, price-points are higher. There’s no up-front purchase required though, and members can cancel at any time.

ABCMouse Review Verdict

I discovered when my eldest was three. We became obsessed with the alphabet songs, and now seven years later, we can still sing all 26 songs together. With harmonies.

I recommend to parents of 2-8 year-olds who are looking for an alternative to the mind-numbing apps and videos that your kids might otherwise be playing. shouldn’t be used to replace your child’s formal education, but I think it does a great job of enhancing and supporting early learning.

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