Stitch Fix Review: Have Your “Fix” in a Stitch

Shopping in store or online…who has the time?

Your personal stylist at Stitch Fix, that’s who!

What is Stitch Fix anyway?

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service, shipping hand-selected items directly to your door with your budget and style in mind.  With options for men, women, and children, Stitch Fix is the leader in clothing “subscription” boxes and sets itself apart by offering your “Fix” on your schedule and budget, no subscription required.

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Who is your Stitch Fix stylist?

Stitch Fix uniquely offers live, online, personal stylists for a monthly, one-time styling fee of $20.  Every shopper is assigned one of the 3,000 Stitch Fix personal stylists after completing an initial style survey.  Your selected stylist regularly reviews your style survey answers, your item reviews, and the Pinterest account linked to your Stitch Fix profile allowing them to grasp your overall style and taste for trends. I find Stitch Fix stylists go the extra mile by taking your specific sizing, shape, and fit into consideration when selecting items. Stitch Fix stylists help you look your best, with your budget, timeframe, and lifestyle in mind.  From my experience (and Instagram comments on Stitch Fix), it is clear they are always open to your feedback, both positive and constructive.

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How to get your “Fix”…

Because Stitch Fix is designed to fit your style and schedule, you select the date for your “Fix” (aka your five stylist selected items) to arrive. Whether it be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, you decide the frequency at which your shipments arrive. With each shipment, you will receive the five items selected for you by your stylist to try on in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to see how the items in your “Fix” fit into your current wardrobe.

Of course your stylist hopes your love it ALL, but Stitch Fix allows you to keep what you want and return what you don’t. Yes, it’s really THAT easy!  Bonus— your personal stylist even includes a prepaid return envelope in your shipment to ease the return process. And as if things couldn’t get better, that $20 stylist fee you paid? It acts as a credit toward the items you decide to keep from your “Fix”!  I’m not sure Stitch Fix could make shopping any easier!

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What if I have a problem? How do I report it?

A few Stitch Fixers have expressed concerns about receiving items that aren’t quite the “Fix” they need or their “Fix” does not arrive on the planned date. In my experience, I’ve found Stitch Fix puts the customer first and quickly responds to problems brought to their attention.  Issues with your Stitch Fix stylist or your “Fix” can be reported online with the Client Experience team at or via phone at 1 (844) 386-3850. Here you can let the Stitch Fix customer service team know of any concerns you may have about your stylist, your “Fix”, your account, or shipment.  The Stitch Fix Instagram is also very active and open to answering questions, or at least pointing you in the right direction.


Overall, getting your “Fix” at Stitch Fix is fairly foolproof and very convenient, BUT hiccups happen too.  So when using Stitch Fix, keep these tips in mind to ensure you have a positive Stitch Fix experience.

  1. Continually update your “Fix” calendar.

Stitch Fix is not your typical subscription box.  Your stylist understands that you’re used to the setup of the classic monthly subscription box but also knows you may need a “Fix” sooner or later than anticipated. By regularly updating your calendar, you let your stylist know whether you require a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly box. Stitch Fix also offers a one time “Fix” for those looking to test the process, but I’m confident you’ll be hooked!

  1. Be sure to link your Pinterest account to your Stitch Fix account.

Sure, you took the initial style quiz when you first signed up but your Stitch Fix personal stylist REALLY wants to get to know you.  Be sure to link your social media (particularly your Pinterest account) to your Stitch Fix profile.  This allows your stylist to continually view the items and trends you’re coveting, leading to an even better “Fix” sent to your doorstep.

  1. Always review and offer feedback on the items you receive in your scheduled “Fix”.

Whether you keep or return an item sent in your “Fix” shipment, always be sure to review and offer feedback on the items.  Your review helps your stylist better understand your specific taste, style, and the way you prefer your items to fit. Stitch Fix also allows you to send your stylist notes about specific items you would like to receive in your “Fix”.  So if you find yourself continually saving an item from the Stitch Fix Instagram, send your stylist a note requesting the specific item! Upon your request, your stylist can also include “extras” in your “Fix” which include essentials like socks and undergarments. Though your stylist is the expert, you have a say in your style too!  Be sure to share your likes and dislikes with stylist regularly.

  1. Be honest about your budget to receive items that are your style AND within your price range.

Stitch Fix works with over 250 brands, offering an array of styles in a variety of price ranges. There is truly something for EVERYONE! But your stylist won’t know your budget for keeping items unless you specify it.  Be sure to update your budget regularly and remember, the $20 stylist fee you pay for each “Fix” is ALWAYS credited to your purchase.

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Stitch Fix Review: The Perks

  • Unlike most subscription boxes, Stitch Fix offers an extended sizing selection and maternity options landing it as a box for literally everyone!
  • In addition to your $20 stylist fee acting as a credit toward the items you keep from your “Fix” Stitch Fix offers a referral code, too! That’s right, refer a friend and receive a $25 credit upon the completion of their first Stitch Fix order.

Who is Stitch Fix up against?

  • Trunk Club— Like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club does not require a subscription and offers shoppers a personal stylist. Housed by Nordstrom, they offer a wide selection of items and brands for men and women but charge a $25 stylist fee as opposed to $20. But like Stitch Fix, the $25 fee acts as credit toward your purchase. It can be waived when using your Nordstrom credit or debit card.
  • Fab Fit Fun— (Another) subscription box geared toward millennial women, at a great price, offering fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items on a monthly basis. Though the variety of items is widespread and the brands are high-end for the $50 price, the box customer is SUPER specific and limits options for men, children, or those looking for extended sizing.

Stitch Fix Review Verdict: is it worth it?

YES. Our reviewers for Stitch Fix believe the service is for EVERYONE and isn’t the typical subscription clothing service.  Your“Fix” can be shipped as frequently as you want or sent just once. You have a personal stylist from day one whose job is to learn what you like and send you new, trendy items on your specified budget. Free shipping and free returns, free style advice! As long as you’re sure to continually share your tastes and interests with your stylist, your bound to receive at least one item per “Fix” to add into your wardrobe.



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