Rothy’s Review: Getting to the Point about Rothy’s

Since 2015 Rothy’s has transformed over 30 million plastic water bottles into shoes but do they literally have their foot in their mouth? In our Rothy’s review, we find out.

The human footprint just got sustainably stylish.

rothys flat review

This company is all about efficiency, so naturally, their inspiration is powerful women.

They’ve been known to team up with non-profits, raise money for breast cancer research and continue to maintain a pristine reputation amongst customers through their product alone.

When you scroll through their website you happily get lost in a world of hip patterns and color. All styles are versatile with a feminine twist, made to maneuver through long days on your feet.

Did I mention they are so cute?

See For Yourself

Like a really solid reboot of your favorite movie, Rothy’s has taken iconic styles and reinvented them to be flawlessly ahead of their time.

The Flat and The Point, two shoe types notorious for popping off the foot. Rothy’s versions have been manufactured to hug the foot instead. No more tripping over your own feet (at least when someone can see.)

rothys shoes line of productsWalking the line between formal and casual, these five easy picks can truly be your next everyday shoe. They even make The Sneaker and The Loafer for kids.

Not to worry, the signature “blue halo” around the heel will make these easy to find in any child’s closet and that goes for adults too. You know who you are.

The Chelsea, I call it the “work and play” of the shoe industry; will run through all your errands and then some. This style is a simple and reliable way to gear the durability of a shoe brand, and the reviews are fantastic.

Do You Like My Shoes? I Just Drank Them!

Millions of used bottles exist in such abundance, the company’s signature thread is literally a combination of Merino Wool and plastic bottles.

Merino Wool is insanely thin. It’s more odor resistant, the softest of any sheep and when you add plastic to the recipe, it makes for an even better product.

The addition of plastic basically makes this an all weather shoe. With it being more water resistant, you can accidentally step in as many puddles as you want and it’ll barely absorb a stain.

rothys plastic bottles recycled

New Kind Of Laundry Day

When your Rothy’s begin to look a little tired, unlike most companies, they’ve come up with a better solution. The entire shoe is machine washable.

The insoles, which are made of bio-based castor oil and recycled materials, are individually machine washable along with the rest of the shoe. Not to mention they sell extra insoles for your most worn-out pair.

Of course, absolutely no drying allowed. Take proper care of your favorite pair and you won’t be disappointed. Even after years of washes, Rothy’s reputation holds strong and customers keep coming back for more.

This shoe is bionic.

Rothy’s Review: Where To Find Them

Unfortunately, the only Rothy’s storefront is located near their headquarters in San Francisco.rothys review store

However, their website is easy to use and thoroughly explains all you need to know about their ordering process.

Bonus! They offer free ground shipping across the board within the US.

No hassle on returns either. You have 30 days to receive a full refund on unworn pairs. You can send them back with free shipping or drop them at any local Happy Returns Return Bar.

I don’t know about you, but 30 days gives me plenty of time to fall in love with a new pair of shoes.

Okay, So How Much?

A pair of Rothy’s ranges from about $125-$195, which is fairly typical amongst other sustainable fashion brands. However, the price is solely dependent on which of the five styles you choose and is consistent regardless of the pattern you love.

You can share the wealth and gift a friend $20 off when you refer them. You’ll also receive $20 off as well once they complete their purchase. Here’s our link for $20 off first-time buyers.

rothys loafer review rothys shoe review black loafer

These may be the only shoe you buy all year at that price, but judging how well these age, they’ll look brand new just as long.

Bought For Comfort – Built To Last

Rothy’s customers rave about the ability to wear their new pair out of the box and out the door in the same day without thinking twice.

Say goodbye to blisters, these require no break-in period.

Each shoe is knit to shape with no hard edges or seams, so they’re basically a very durable slipper. They’re built to hug your feet so you may forget you’re wearing a shoe in the first place.

rothys shoe fabric image

Be careful though, they don’t stretch out.

Rothy’s advises ordering a half size up no matter how familiar the shape of the shoe is to you.

Who Else Is Stepping It Up? Let’s Review Competitors

Competition in the shoe industry is inevitable, similar to most fashion products. The primary difference between shoes and everything else in your closet? They are almost a necessity to live a healthy life and companies know that.

Disregarding competition, owning a pair of shoes is a chance everybody in this world simply deserves. So, quite a few companies push forward with that mentality in their factories, sustainability, and causes they give back to.

Producing a shoe with a mission comes with a price tag. So what product is worth the money?

Allbirds doesn’t exclude anyone from their products.

Price range: $95-$135

Men, women, and kids are given the same pool to choose from. The styles are casual, lacking a formal element, but are slightly cheaper than Rothy’s. Also, both companies basically use the same recycled materials in their production processes.

Birdies are all about women and for women.

Price range: $95-$165

An abundance of sandals and open-toed styles to browse sets Birdies apart from other brands and so does their mission. By partnering with the nonprofit organization, Project Glimmer, they assist in donating products and proceeds to young women who need mentorship and support to rise to their successes.

Everlane believes in working with ethical factories.

Price range: $75-$250

Catering to both women and men, they produce a range of items beyond shoes. Their denim line is as sleek as their sweaters and classic boot styles. The prices might make your eyes open up wide, but they reveal to you all the costs of production on their website making them “radically transparent.”

TOMS is receiving the gift of giving with every purchase.

Price range: $50-$160

Women, men, and kids “wear their beliefs” when they snag a pair of TOMS. The company has expanded its causes over the years from the gift of sight, to clean water, safer birth and beyond. By no means would one call any of their styles cheap. However, their causes seem to make each purchase feel like more of a donation than traditional consumer behavior.

Tieks It takes 3 days to make a pair of Tieks.

Price range: $175-$345

The company has reinvented the flat and it’s benefitting The Gavrieli Foundation. This organization is focused on assisting women entrepreneurs financially to take big steps towards their dream, and you can even see their bios on the website. Buying a pair of Tieks means that women and girls can sport the iconic blue outsoles on any pair they choose. They certainly come with a price reflective of their elegant styles. Maybe not the best purchase if you don’t like bright blue, but you can brag about being able to fold your shoe in half.

rothys review shoes

Let’s Map This Out in our Rothy’s Review

So, you think Rothy’s is an awesome company. What could possibly go wrong? What’s the catch?

Less Than Ideal

  • With only one location, trying these on is impossible. Realistically, you can try on these styles anywhere and see how you like them.
  • According to reviews, they are not true to size and will be snug if you don’t order a half size up.
  • A shoe for the everywoman statistically cannot be this expensive, most women are not paid fair wages to afford shoes at this price.

Sounds Good

  • You can wash the entire shoe in your washing machine.
  • They have partnered with The Envira Amazonia Project: A Tropical Forest Conservation Project. So they’ve set charitable goals for themselves.
  • They are involved in their manufacturing start to finish.
  • They have some of the best styles on the eco-friendly fashion market.

Rothy’s Review: The Bottom Line

All of the above mentioned companies are doing the right thing when it comes to rethinking fashion because they are ultimately targeting what you believe in and what causes you support.

The good news? You don’t have to buy anything you can’t justify wearing.

How do you justify this purchase? Quality.

Logistically, Allbirds gives Rothy’s a fair fight. Allbirds shoes are cheaper and manufactured in virtually the same way.

The trade-off?

The washing machine is a key component to the lifespan of Rothy’s. You get to preserve those sweet patterns and funky colors with just a quick wash. No more tossing out that old pair of shoes that “used to be” white.

You may save money on a competing brand, but find the right style that suits your day to day and let that dictate what you buy. If it’s Rothy’s, it’ll be worth the investment.

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