Plato Nootropic Review: Supplements Worth Trying?

Plato Nootropic Review: A Wise Decision?

When I came across Plato, a supplement that claims to “reduce distractibility”, I was skeptical but extremely intrigued. As an adult that struggles with concentration, a natural supplement to improve focus, improve memory, and increase energy levels, I was sold. Here’s my review of Plato to save you time and money. 

Plato was created by Vernon Health that prides themselves on their motto: ‘Integrity’. While many companies tout this philosophy, we know that it’s important for consumers to do their research to hold companies accountable for their claims. 

What is a nootropic?

Simply put, nootropics are brain-boosters. Nootropics are drugs, supplements, and substances that claim to improve cognitive function. So does Plato really improve mental performance and increase energy?

Plato is vegetarian and plant-based. Before I get into my experience taking Plato, let’s break down the ingredients: 

  • Bacopa whole plant extract
  • Rhodiola root extract
  • Asian ginseng root extract 
  • L-Theanine, rice powder

Plato Supplement Cons

It’s a bit pricey! At around a $46/bottle you’ll get 60 capsules which is a 30 day supply. $46 is quite a hefty price tag. Luckily, they offer quantity discounts so you can bring it down to $32/bottle with a 4 pack.

Plato Supplement Pros

Overall, I would recommend Plato. Their clean ingredient list, transparent sourcing, no side effects, and nourishing ingredients I don’t see much downside to trying Plato. Personally, I do think the supplements improved my focus. 


Plato Nootropic Review Conclusion

After researching each ingredient, I couldn’t wait to try all that herbal goodness. Despite my skepticism, I did notice a difference in my energy level on day one. However, since the boost of energy was subtle, I monitored how I felt everyday for the next 2 weeks since the first day could have been coincidence. 

I  can conclusively say that I did feel subtle improvements in energy. While the bottle says it should be taken with food, I did not experience any issues or nausea taking it on an empty stomach, a common occurrence for me with other supplements. I cannot vouch for the memory improvement claims since 6 weeks are recommended before you’ll notice a difference in your memory. Plus, it seems extremely hard to measure memory enhancements.

Plato was the first nootropic I’ve tried and I’m hooked. Other Plato customers rate the product highly and have noted that it’s the best nootropic they’ve tried. Without side effects and the possibility of elephant memory,  why not give it a try?


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