Ollie Review: Fresh Dog Food Pros and Cons

Good Golly, It’s Ollie

Is fresh dog food really that important? In our Ollie review, we look at this top dog food contender. If your dog could pick up the phone and order take out, what would be the first number they called? Seriously, what if picking out pet food was really that easy?

Whether it’s food allergies, cutting weight or taste alone, finding the right recipe for your pup can result in an uphill battle. After all, being a dog parent does mean knowing when to say you’re sorry.

Don’t worry though, Ollie has your pup on speed dial.

ollie review dog in ollie box

Ollie is a monthly subscription dog food brand that matches your pup up to the perfect meal using four custom, vet-approved recipes. They’re only one of many services on the market trying to minimize ingredients in pet food by considering diet restrictions, allergies, and health issues.

“We tailor your dog’s plan based on their weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies, recommending a precise portion according to how many calories they need.” – Ollie

So, How Did You Two Meet?

In an effort to keep things personal, Ollie requires each customer to complete an initial pet profile before being able to order anything off the site. Don’t worry though, as your pet changes, the profile can too. They keep the questions simple and straight forward, staying on-brand with their recipes.


It gets a little complicated after that, so let’s map it out:

  1. When you enter the site it’ll ask you to “get started” and that’ll begin with filling out the pet profile questionnaire. You’ll establish the unique dietary quirks that make your pup who they are.
  2. Ollie then recommends which recipes are right for you. They factor in what food your dog is currently eating, allergies, activity level, if your pet is spayed and even calorie intake.
  3. You’ll be offered two different options. All Ollie: 28 meals every two weeks or Some Ollie: 28 meals every 4 weeks.
  4. Once you complete your order, it ships out in a fast and easy 1-2 (free) business days.
  5. Make some room in your freezer, because you’ll need it.
  6. Don’t forget to thaw out each meal before you serve it or you’re pup will be eating popsicles.
ollie review package of beef recipe


Is Your Pup a Cheap Date?

It depends! This monthly expense relies on your pet’s profile and suggested plan. From the tiniest pup to the largest, the estimated range is about $28 – $106 per week.

I know what you’re thinking, not a cheap date.

Don’t forget why the market exists though. Consider what you’ve heard about how food is processed in the USA, now think of dog food. Kinda scary.

Ollie encourages you to invest in your pet’s health. They provide minimal processing, no artificial flavors, no soy, corn or wheat, and here’s the best part, human-grade.

That’s right, Ollie has literally created recipes humans and dogs can share. Pull up a seat for your pup if you’re one of those families. Though, I’d still hold off on telling your neighbors.


Does The “Vet Approve” of This?

Veterinarians are brought on the scene to evaluate nutritional balance of each recipe. They help establish how many ingredients are too many and strive to keep the pet’s weight under control. However, While being “vet-approved” holds merit, allergies, and digestive hurdles really steer this ship.

Ollie claims to accommodate food allergies, one of the largest culprits of negative reactions to pet food products. So, are they really doing a good job accomplishing the accessibility of the product and health benefits alike?

What’s good Ollie?

  • Their website is easy to use and filling out your pup’s profile will take you all of 2 minutes.
  • If your pup doesn’t eat the first meal you try, they’ll send you a different one free of charge.
  • Delivery times are convenient and flexible with a busy schedule and if you’re a pup owner, you’re always busy.
ollie review dog on ollie box

What’s not-so-good?

  • The food must be stored in your freezer and has to thaw out before serving.
  • If your pet has specific food allergies, the ingredients are minimal but not quiet allergy restrictive. In an effort to examine the process, I entered in my personal pup’s allergy information and a recipe was selected that still disregarded a handful of them.
  • The “All Ollie” meal plan means you receive 14 trays of food every 2 weeks. That doesn’t leave much room in the freezer for much else.
  • Though they offered an initial discount off the first order, it’s more expensive than most would be willing to spend.

Who’s in On This? Fresh Dog Food Competition

The luxury of custom pet food subscriptions intensely breeds competition. Ollie’s top competitors also offer initial discounts up to 50% off the first order. Did I mention the food is all made in the USA? They really aren’t messing around.

The Farmers Dog: If Ollie had a cool older sister, this would be her. The Farmers Dog was one of the first to spearhead this market of personal pet food. Their options between ordering full recipes or food toppers to add to your pet’s normal diet ensure there’s something for everyone.

NomNomNow: The biggest perk of this site (in addition to its catchy name), is that it offers meals for both dogs and cats which our other mentioned brands have failed to do.

Petplate: This company was founded by a man who literally worked in the dog food manufacturing business. His first-hand experience sparked the development of the company. It’s basically investigative journalism.

Crafted Kibble: They’re sending you dry food, which makes it way easier to store. Their price begins at a reasonable $9 as well, so it won’t break the bank to try it.

Ollie Review Verdict

If it’s a matter of having your Amazon package and dog food delivered on the same day and time, go for it. If your fridge is full size with room to spare, why not? If you’re fed up with not knowing what you’re really feeding your pup and want to try something new, have at it! If it’s medical, I’d hold off.


Every pet’s diet is unique. In reality, that’s why so many recipes of dog food exist in the first place. So, while minimal ingredients are essential to healthy dieting, having maximum options still holds value. I’d check in with Ollie in a few years when hopefully a few more recipes. Otherwise, keep cheering them on as they work their way through one of the most unregulated industries on this pet filled planet.

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