Today’s beauty trends revolve around luscious lips and long, beautiful lashes. Being a beauty fanatic means my Instagram always shows me ads for the hottest products in the market. A blessing and a curse!

I’ve never been able to put use glue on lashes. After multiple incidents of one eyelash falling off during a special occassion, I’ve stopped trying. I’m a huge fan of eyelash extensions but recently, I’ve been looking for alternatives because I do not always have time to go a salon.

Lately, I’ve been receiving a ton of ads for magnetic eyelashes. A few months ago, magnetic lashes consisted of two strips of magnetic lashes per eye. You’d have to cleverly link the two lashes together with your natural lashes in between. This led to hilarious videos of women trying to connect them and ending up with weird spider lashes hanging heavily off the bottom half of their real lashes. Obviously, not a winner.

Luckily, magnetic lashes have evolved and now you only need to know how to use eyeliner. Magnetic eyeliner is the new savior. Once you put on the eyeliner, you put onone strip of lashes with 5 tiny magnets that connects to the eyeliner.

A few things to consider when choosing magnetic eyelashes:

  • Shape of the lashes – Natural looking and light lashes are usually preferred if you plan to wear them all day
  • Strength of the magnets and magnetic eyeliner – Some people have complained that poorly designed magnetic lashes ended with them falling off during a special event
  • Ease of removal for magnetic eyeliner – Complaints for some magnetic eyelashes are that the eyeliner is unbelievably difficult to remove
  • Easy application – After the old generation of magnetic eyelashes, we’d want lashes that are easy to apply.

To spare you the time and money, we’ve rounded up the best magnetic lashes around!