HUM Nutrition Review: Read Before Buying Vitamins

hum nutrition review

Hum Nutrition Vitamin Review: The Online Beauty Vitamin Store That May Just ‘HUM’ Out The Competition

In our ever-growing digital world, you can access doctors, therapists and nurses over the phone and online, but how about nutritionists? Cue… HUM, the online beauty vitamin subscription that believes, ‘beauty starts from within.’ They offer quite the array of products for all things skin, hair, body, and mood. Not only are their products backed by research and science, they are also completely Gluten and GMO free with ingredients that are sustainably sourced. In our detailed HUM Nutrition review, we cover the costs, product line, competitors and honest feedback for HUM vitamins.

If you’re someone who is constantly seeking out beauty vitamins but aren’t quite sure which ones are right for you, HUM could be the perfect place to start and find that out! In three simple steps, your vitamins will be on their way to your doorstep.

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Here’s all it takes to get personalized vitamins just for you

Step one: Take a three-minute quiz to tell HUM about your nutrition profile.They’ll ask you questions about your food habits. For example, are you a meat lover, carb overloader, vegetarian, etc.? They’ll also ask how you typically feel; relaxed, stressed, energetic? A couple other questions include ‘what does your average day look like?’ “How do you usually unwind?’ ‘What would you like to improve about your general health?’ and ‘What are your skin concerns?’

Step two: Your own personal nutritionist will evaluate your answers and email you your personalized report and recommendations. You can definitely tell that during this stage, your results are not just automated and sent over in minutes or seconds – they’re analyzed by a real person. 

Step three: From there, you can customize your options, pick out your vitamins, and place your order! 

It’s really that easy. People are even saying that they’ve seen amazing results like feeling less bloated, seeing clearer skin and having fewer breakouts. We think this one is definitely worth a try!  

Hum Nutrition Review Cost: How much will these little pills run you? 

Let’s review HUM Nutrition’s products. HUM’s formulations range between $10 and $60 for 30 days worth of product. They currently offer about 35 different products, so there’s definitely something for everyone. 

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A couple options closer to the $10 range include: 

Some middle of the road options include:

Lastly, a couple of the higher marked items include: 

So whether you’re dealing with stress, want to promote healthier skin, or just become an overall healthier person, take a look at HUM’s options. There’s likely something on their list that will fit your budget and your health goals. HUM even offers a 15% discount when you commit to a three month plan, along with a first time welcome discount of $10 Off. 

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While HUM comes off as a great place to find the vitamins that will fit your exact needs, there are quite a few competitors on the market.


Ritual is a female-focused online vitamin store. Their products are reimagined with essential nutrients for women who are 18 and over, 50 and over, and prenatal. Although there are only three product options, each capsule packs quite the punch and aims to help women minimize their daily pill intake. Each month worth of capsules range from $30 to $35 – not bad when you’re getting multiple benefits like blood and organ health, bone integrity, and healthy aging, all from one pill! 


Care/of is definitely the most budget friendly option of the pack. Focused on healthy vitamins and powder proteins, Care/of prides themselves on the quality of their products. With monthly vitamin options starting at only $5, there’s lots of room for mixing and matching different options based on your needs and goals. With tablets and capsules for things like digestion, bone health, stress and much more, Care/of may be a good place to start if you’re hoping to try some new options at low prices. Check out our full Care/of review!


One competitor called Olly, has a similar theory to HUM that happiness is an inside job. One unique aspect that makes them a little different is offering up a few kid-friendly options. They also have a smaller range of targeted products than HUM, focusing on sleep, immunity and stress. But another thing that makes them stand out is that they make all of their vitamins taste great as they claim to be very food-driven. Our hands are raised for some tasty gummies!  Like HUM, each bottle holds 30 servings. Each product ranges from about $14-$25 – a little on the budget-friendly side compared to HUM! 

Moon Juice

Another competitor called Moon Juice, seems to put more of a focus on preventative self-care and healing. And you probably guessed it, most of their products come in a drinkable powder form. From Moon Juice, you can expect products for daily nourishment, beauty foods, and high-powered natural remedies. They offer the largest variety of products, around 55 total, which also come with the highest price tag. Although there are some food options like $7 Herb and Cheese Crips, most of their products range from $30 all the way up to $60.

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This chart will help you compare each nutrition service to find your best fit!

[ninja_tables id=”744″]

Hum Nutrition Review Verdict: So, who should use HUM? 

After reviewing Hum and the other company options listed here, the only company that is going to connect you with a free personal nutritionist is HUM. Some health problems are deep-rooted, and HUM’s highly trained nutritionists can help you get to the bottom of it. They are passionate about wellness and dedicated to your unique goals, so rather than guessing which product might be right for you, their suggestions will put you on the best route to quickly see results. 

HUM’s products are a quick supplemental option for your busy daily routine. So if you’re looking for more of an enjoyable ‘treat’ in your beauty nutrition products, they may not be for you. But if you can look past HUM’s avoidance of making their products tasty and you aren’t seeking options for your children, then their wide pricing range and many options will likely give you what you need. 

The ease of receiving quality, beauty nutrition right on your doorstep has never been easier than it is today. We hope our HUM Nutrition review has been helpful. If you’ve been questioning where to get started on your beauty journey, try out HUM!

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