Honey App Review: Pros and Cons

Hey Honey, Save Me Some Money

Couponing will never go out of style. But clipping coupons from the morning paper is for your grandma, and manually hunting for online coupons is for the birds. Let me introduce you to your new best friend, Honey. Honey is an app and browser extension that helps you find coupon codes while you shop. The app automatically applies the coupons you choose at checkout, saving you valuable time and money. The app supports popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and over 40,000 sites, including Amazon, Nike, Sephora, and Expedia. “Honey is here to help. We give everyone the tools it takes to find the best savings, perks, and all around value. And we make them free and easy-to-use. So you can always spend with confidence.” Source: Honey

How to Save Money with Honey

Honey scans the items in your cart while you shop, and searches for relevant coupon codes. When the app finds a code, it gets applied automatically, so you get to save dollah bills without having to hunt down a coupon and enter it yourself at checkout. Let’s walk through this:
  1. Shop on one of your favorite websites. Let’s shop together at Domino’s, because I’m hungry.
  2. In Safari, you can see already that Honey has discovered eleven coupons for Domino’s. Yay! Pizza and a discount!honey review app extension pizza example
  3. Now we have a choice to either select and copy the coupon we want to use right away or keep shopping as usual. Let’s keep shopping, and let Honey do the work.
  4. When we’re ready to check out, we just click the Honey extension icon and select the coupon we want, then click Apply Coupons.honey review app extension coupons found
  5. Honey will automatically apply the coupons for us. No coupon hunting, no copy-and-pasting, no scribbling on a sticky note, and — thank God — no attempts to remember the coupon code. Honey does it all for us, saving us valuable time — meaning our pizza will arrive sooner. #winning
  6. At this point, we just complete our purchase as usual and wait for our pizza.

Honey’s Sweet Features

Alright, now we’re saving time and money while Honey does all of our coupon hunting for us. Hooray! But wait! There’s more. Honey boasts some extra features, setting them apart from their competition.

Honey Gold

Some sites have partnered with Honey in the Honey Gold program. With the Honey Gold program, when you click on the Honey extension, there will be an option that says, “Today’s Reward Rate,” showing you a percentage. Click the Activate button, and you’ll be eligible to earn cash back after you’ve completed your purchase. Yes, I just said “cash back.” Cha-ching! honey gold

Submit Your Own Codes

If you’re a major nerd and have a spreadsheet of coupons that you’ve collected over time, you can submit those coupons to Honey. After doing some scanning, if Honey determines that the coupons are valid, they’ll award you Honey Gold points for sharing. Nerds know what’s up.

Amazon Deal Tracker

Honey’s Amazon Deal Tracker will watch what you’re shopping for on Amazon and will let you know if it finds a better deal. So, if you’re shopping for a dinosaur toy, for example, Honey will clue you in if there are any cheaper dinos out there than the one you’re looking at.

honey extension on amazon


If you’re shopping but aren’t quite ready to buy — for example, browsing in October for Christmas gift ideas — you can add products to your Droplist, and Honey will keep an eye out for price drops of 5% or more.