Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers (or Yourself)!

Admittedly, I’ve only recently started enjoying wine. It’s not that I didn’t like wine, rather I could never tell the difference between them. To sum it up, I’m this kind of wine connoisseur:

gifts for wine lovers michael the office

However, with my newfound love of wine I went scouting for cool gifts and treats that other wine drinkers can enjoy. Below is our list of the best gifts for wine lovers (yourself included).

Wine Socks

wine socks


Monogram Cork Holder

best wine gifts monogrammed letters cork holder

Wine drinkers drink a lot of wine. So this means they have a lot of wine corks. Now they can showcase those corks tastefully in home decor.

Wine Book

best wine gifts wine folly book

Aerating Wine Glass

best wine gifts wine aerator

There are plenty of wine aerators in the market, but nothing as entertaining and functional as this glass.

Wine Transporter

best wine gifts wine bag

This bag is insulated and carries two full wine bottles with a pocket for a wine screw.

WineLife Coloring Book

adult wine coloring book

Nothing goes together better than a wine night and some therapeutic coloring full of snarky lines.

Funny Coasters

wine coasters funny

Wine Soap

wine soap

In case drinking wine is not enough, you can bathe in it too. Many spas offer wine baths for hundreds of dollars but you can bathe in luxury daily with this wine soap.

Home Wine Holder Set

best wine gifts decor wine holder

This gift set is adorable! It’s home decor, storage, and organization all in one place. I love that it has a cork storage box so you can keep the tops of your favorite wines.

Bottle Stoppers

best wine gifts wine stoppers

Regardless of how much you love wine, it’s not always possible to polish off every bottle. Rabbit is renowned for their drink products and their wine stoppers are no exception. The rubber keeps air tightly sealed out while being durable and easy-to-clean.

Secret Wine Bag – PortoVino Wine Purse

best wine gifts wine bag

This is by far my favorite item on the list. Not only do these bags come in various styles, the bags hold up to two bottles of wine! The purses are also very stylish and versatile for everyday use.


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