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Summary: It isn’t 1995 – why do we still shop for cars as if smartphones don’t exist? In our Carvana review, we review Carvana’s technology and car vending machines. Buy a car online without that dealership headache.

When you’re young and blissfully free of responsibility, car buying seems like one of those cool, fun adult things. Wrong! Totally a huge pain in the you-know-what. Dealerships are full of pushy salespeople, financing can be confusing, and you’re worried about getting a good deal for your hard-earned dollars. Carvana is here to rescue you with their innovative platform that makes car buying easy and efficient. Now you can shop for, purchase, and finance a certified, pre-owned car from your couch (because we live in the future) – phew!

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We Have The Technology (How Carvana Works)

Much like other platforms where you log in and shop, you’ll create a Carvana account on your phone/tablet/computer and start shopping for a car that fits your needs and budget – all without having to set foot on a dealership lot (praise be). There are other sites like this out there – like CarGurus, Carsales, and AutoTrader – BUT Carvana is packed with small extras that really add up. Here are just a couple cool features they offer:

  • Compare the prices and features of your favorite car options along with 360-degree photos of each vehicle to see what the exterior and interior look like in reality, not in a CGI’ed environment (because you live in the real world…and so does your car!)
  • Feel confident in their 150-point inspection and policy of taking only no-accident vehicles into their inventory – don’t you love that they don’t accept any cars that have been in an accident? Find the details here:
  • Sort search results by location, year, lowest price, lowest mileage, and more without having to scroll endlessly
  • Save your faves and do a side-by-side comparison for easy visualization

Here’s my real-world example: I have a 2009 Honda Accord and we’ve had a great run, but it is getting to be about time to look for something new. I am quite fond of my Honda and I’m likely to purchase another one for my next vehicle, especially as we’re thinking about starting a family. I’m able to narrow my search using Carvana’s sliding filters for year, model, mileage, and loads more! Check it:

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Frankly, this is easier than shopping for pants that fit. I really like being able to see what’s available and tailor those search results to what I know I need. You can do this across make and model – you’re definitely not limited to just one brand at a time. Then, after you find The One true car of your dreams, you are ready to take the next step: purchasing!

A Financing Match Made In…Well, You Get It

So you’re feeling the Carvana bliss and you’re ready to buy. Us mere mortals usually need to finance that new batmobile (unless you’re like Bruce Wayne and you’ve got that cash on hand), and Carvana lets you use cash, your own lending institution, or do the financing through them. Just fill out all the vital info about you/your finances to get the party started.

Carvana doesn’t put you through the dealership nonsense of a salesperson going back and forth to their manager for pricing – you can start comparing prices right away and decide what’s in your budget. If you want to buy, you can get approved for a loan and choose financing in minutes.

Trading up? If you want to trade in your old vehicle instead of passing it on or selling it, Carvana gives you the option to apply the value to your new vehicle OR they will just cut you a check for the trade-in amount. This part is especially appealing to me, as even older Hondas retain their reputation for being reliable and will net a reasonable trade-in offer.

Curious as to what your current car is worth? Visit Carvana’s “Sell Your Car” page (embedded link: to get an estimate or a real offer that is good for 7 days. Trade-in value is determined by your car’s age, mileage, condition, etc.

Got coverage? Carvana thoughtfully drew up this step-by-step infographic to make everyone’s lives easier when it comes to protecting such a big purchase. They offer extended coverage so you get that new-car-warranty vibe even though your new baby had a previous life with another owner. The five layers (three of which come with every car!) are laid out below:

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Ready To Roll – How to Get Your Sweet New Ride

How does that shiny new car make its way to you? Sometimes Carvana can drop it off right to your home or office. There’s also another, cutting-edge option: Carvana’s nifty approach that uses a “car vending machine” at one of their locations around the United States. Carvana Vending Machines are located in 24 areas: Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Frisco, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Tampa, Birmingham, Orlando, Gaithersburg, Tempe, Warrensville Heights, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Bridgeville, Oak Brook, Kansas City, Ontario, Greensboro, Westminster and Oklahoma City.