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Taking vitamins can be a drag. Having to guess which vitamins your body needs can feel intimidating, and standing in front of the vast array of choices can feel overwhelming. In our Careof review, we take a look at the benefits of personalized vitamins!

What if you think you need more vitamins B, D, and C, but you also want some Ginseng and Ginkgo thrown in there, and maybe a good dose of Biotin and Zinc? Do you need to buy a separate pack of each vitamin? Will they mix well together? Is there a multivitamin that includes all of what you need?

The choices and questions are endless.

Enter the custom vitamin pack.

The health and wellness industry is evolving with the times, people. You can now order vitamin packs that have been curated to your needs and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

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Why Should You Care About Care/of Vitamins?

Priding themselves on three principles — honesty, quality, and sustainability — Care/of offers monthly subscriptions of custom vitamin packs to would-be-healthy consumers in the USA.

Everyone is different — there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine or to vitamins. With that in mind, Care/of wants to help you identify your individual path to wellness. Tapping into the powers of technology, science, and empathy (they get you), Care/of’s goal is to make your journey to wellness simpler.

As a Care/of customer, you’ll receive some of the best health and wellness products customized to your specific needs.

How Does it Work?

To get started, you take a simple 5-minute quiz about your age, gender, lifestyle, diet, and any other health-related issues. Care/of then customizes a vitamin pack to fit your personal needs. The pack is just a suggestion — you can add or remove anything before you complete the order.

Once you’ve confirmed your custom pack of vitamins, Care/of sends them to you in 30 pre-packaged daily doses. They include information on each vitamin and supplement, including medical studies and raw ingredient sources. In addition to the typical vitamin or supplement, Care/of also offers powders and Quick Sticks. Quick Sticks are on-the-go packets to ease stress, boost energy, support your immune system, and more.

Before your 30-day supply runs out, Care/of will already be working on your replacement pack!

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Health for the Whole Family?

As of this post, Care/of only offers one account per email address, but they imply that family packs may be coming soon. In the meantime, you can create a custom pack for each family member under different email addresses. In this case, Care/of says that it works best if you check out from a different browser or device for each account.

That’s all kind of a bother if you ask me, but at least Care/of offers a work-around for those of you who want health for the whole family! (They know their customers. You have to give them that.)

Ingredients and Sustainability

One of the great things about Care/of is that they develop their own product. They have “several vitamin industry veterans” on their supply chain team, who have put years of work into developing effective and safe formulas. Care/of sources their ingredients from all over the world — wherever each ingredient is best cultivated. Testing and manufacturing are then done in the USA.

By sourcing the best ingredients from all over the world, Care/of offers high-quality, sustainably-sourced vitamins and supplements.

Care/of’s vitamin packs are also made with plant-based film, which means they’re compostable. The packs ensure your vitamins stay fresh and protected while keeping the environment in mind.

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The Good

Here are some of the great things about Care/of and their customized vitamin packs:

  • Ingredients and products are tested three times: before, during, and after manufacturing
  • Most of their supplements are vegan and vegetarian
  • Their in-house manufacturing process meets cGMP and FDA requirements
  • They’re honest and transparent about all ingredients
  • They use sustainably-sourced, raw ingredients from farms all over the world, and employ ethical harvesting methods
  • You can cancel or skip shipments whenever you need to
  • They offer 30-day returns for a full refund
  • Care/of’s curated vitamin packs could be cheaper than buying from regular stores
  • They offer free shipping on orders over $20
  • Vitamin packs are completely customizable
  • Vitamins and supplements are auto-delivered every month

The Bad

No one’s perfect. Here are some of the areas that may keep you from committing to a Care/of subscription:

  • They don’t have a system in place for checking for possible adverse medication/vitamin interactions
  • Vitamin packs can ship to US and military addresses, but Care/of doesn’t offer international shipments
  • There’s currently no family health package

Who is Care/of Up Against?

Care/of isn’t the only custom vitamin subscription company on the block. Here are a few of Care/of’s competitors, in no particular order.

  • Ritual: Offering high-quality, “one-and-done” multivitamins, Ritual is kind of the modern, adult version of Flintstones vitamins. They focus on nine essential nutrients for women’s health and eliminate a lot of the unnecessary nutrients found in typical multivitamins. Their vitamins are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, GMO-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, and are manufactured in the USA.
  • Persona Nutrition: Based on advice from nutritionists, Persona Nutrition offers an individualized service for men and women of all ages. Their starter quiz is a bit more detailed than Care/of’s. The quiz asks about current medications and takes into account any possible interactions between your meds and the vitamins they suggest. Persona Nutrition has nutritionists available to answer any questions you have.
  • Honest Company Health and Wellness Bundle: If you’re looking into options for the whole family, this is probably your best bet. Honest sticks to the basics — they offer multivitamins and a couple of different options like gummies or powders. Their vitamins are non-GMO and gluten-free, and are manufactured in the USA. Shipments can be rescheduled, and you’re able to change your vitamin selection easily, which is a plus for busy families.

The Careof Review Verdict

The average custom Care/of vitamin pack starts at $20 but varies depending on your specific needs. Their vitamins are individually priced from $5-8 per month. Care/of’s monthly subscription prices also vary, depending on how many and which type of vitamins you get.

If you ask me (which you are — because you’re reading this), I think subscribing to Care/of would be worth the investment. I take vitamins every day; I’m on board with any company that’s going to make adding vitamins to your daily ritual so easy and personal.

If they shipped internationally, I would have signed up for a Care/of subscription yesterday. If you’re in the USA, give Care/of a try and let me know what you think!

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