Bombas Socks Review: An Honest Review

So you’ve heard the buzz about Bombas. But what’s the big deal? They’re just socks, right? In our Bombas socks review, we take a look at their technology and pricing.


Who is Bombas?

Upon discovering socks are the MOST requested item in homeless shelters, Bombas socks was born. Bombas is a startup created by duo Randy and Dave, and supported by ABC’s Shark Tank star Daymond John. Bombas socks are designed to benefit the homeless community while keeping YOUR unique taste and style at the forefront! The brand boasts unique tech features including longer stitch patterns in premium antimicrobial fabrics for long term wear in designs for men, women, and children! Discovering they are wildly successful at selling socks (having donated 26 million pairs as of October 2019, Bombas), the Bombas collection continues to expand and now includes T-shirts, sweatpants, and other essentials too!

How exactly is Bombas helping the community?

Uniquely stitched on EVERY Bombas item is the bee-better mantra derived from the idea that though bees are small, they are on a mighty mission, just like the brand! The Bombas signature bee logo constantly serves as a reminder that Bombas gives back to the community with every purchase. For each pair of Bombas socks purchased, Bombas donates a pair to those in need in homeless centers throughout the country. Designed to meet the needs of the homeless community, donated socks feature reinforced seams and antimicrobial treatment to keep feet in the best condition.

bombas high sock

And how is Bombas helping YOU?

Don’t worry- Bombas socks crafted for YOU are made with lots of thought and technology too! Reinforced seams, check! Antimicrobial treatment, check! Long stitching patterns in premium fabrics, check, check! But there are some EXTRA unique features to Bombas socks designed for YOU, taking them a step further!

Let’s get specific…

Bombas research and development team claims to have spent TWO YEARS creating their one-of-a-kind design that fixes what is wrong with the typical tube sock. By saying goodbye to the classic toe seam and introducing a Y-stitched heel, you will definitely experience fewer toes and heals bursting through your socks. You will also find added arch and foot support in the Bombas signature honeycomb structure that hugs your foot, but not TOO tightly. Oh, and that PREMIUM fabric mentioned earlier? Well, EVERY pair of Bombas is crafted with quality materials in an array of fabrics including cotton and merino wool, so take your pick. Plus, each Bombas design features natural moisture wicking fibers, too. So not to worry, Bombas aren’t just durable for the homeless community but are an awesome option for you athletes, retail workers, and travelers in need of compression socks, too!

bombas sock review technology

So Bombas are made of premium materials and actually last, but do they have a style for YOU?

YES! Your greatest sock concerns solved:

  1. Who enjoys fixing slouchy socks ALL DAY, anyway?

Because each pair of Bombas socks includes the brands signature “stay up” technology, you won’t find your sock balled in your shoe by lunch! Who enjoys fixing slouchy socks ALL DAY?

  1. You wear different style shoes on the daily, and you should have socks to match that, right?

Now you do- for knee high boots, there are knee high socks.  For loafers, check out the Bombas no show socks. From sneakers to flats, booties to thigh-highs, Bombas has a sock style for that! There are 6 unique styles for both men and women with some of the most popular styles being calf socks, knee high socks, ankle socks, and no show socks. All of the styles are offered in a variety of materials like merino wool and the super low-cut socks are cushioned at the ball of your foot and ankle for more comfort and support in flats or boat shoes!

But style isn’t all about cut, it’s about color too! The Bombas twist of accent stitching on classic, neutral, “work” socks adds a little pep to your step, but if you enjoy making a sock statement, the patterns and bold colors are certainly for you! Bombas continuously releases new colors and patterns for men, women, and children, too.

bombas sock review socks

Bombas socks review prices: What are you spending?

You get what you pay for, right? Well, that is definitely the case with Bombas. Bombas socks range in price based on style, design, and fabric but average between $12-$18 per pair. If you’re used to spending next-to-nothing on poorly made, uncomfortable, basic socks then the price may be a stretch for you.

BUT the comfortability, style, and life span of Bombas is certainly worth the spend! If you’re looking for a bit of savings, Bombas offers fun designs and neutrals in box sets for you! Sets like these often offer you a savings of at least 5%! The Bombas bulk packs are definitely the way to go when considering price per pair and keep on the lookout for frequent promotions, too!

bombas sock happiness guarantee

What are the perks?

The obvious- they are socks with an awesome mission to give back!

But your feet need more than a good cause.

The greatest perk is by far the comfortability as well as the diverse design and style options of Bombas. Offering over 15 styles for men, women, and children combined, they truly transform your low expectations due to inexpensive and poorly fitted socks setting a very low standard for far too long! Plus, Bombas puts YOU first in ALL areas of their business! That is why they offer a 100% happiness guarantee on ALL purchases. So if an item is not what you want, like, or ordered they gladly replace it or refund your purchase, with NO EXCEPTIONS. In fact, one urban hiker shared with his online community a hole that had formed in the heel of his Bombas ankle socks after 2 YEARS of wear, and Bombas customer service sent him a new pair!

However, there have been a few poor reviews of the Bombas customer service. These negative reviews seem to be due to a longer than expected response time from Bombas customer support, or delayed shipments. Bombas has positively responded to each of the online complaints. So if you have a problem, simply contact the Bombas Customer Happiness team via phone at 800-314-0980 or online here and they will happily help you out.

The Cons?

You know it’s a GREAT sign when there are few poor reviews of a brand, and Bombas is one of them! But in addition to complaints spawn by the slower-than-expected response time from the customer service team, a few wearers have voiced their concerns, too! Like the urban hiker mentioned above, there are a few sock lovers who have noted small holes forming in the bottom heel of the sock. These runners prefer Darntough and Drymax socks over Bombas for an extensive run. Though all three of the brands offer a merino wool design, it seems Bombas do not last as expected by long distance runners who have had the occasional blister from the hole that appears. Despite those few reviews, wearers overall LOVE Bombas for the fabric, technology, and happiness guarantee.

Who is Bombas up against?

As mentioned, Darntough and Drymax give Bombas a run for their money with their design of merino wool running socks. Though comparably priced to Bombas, both brands focus exclusively on the design and fit of running and athletic socks where as Bombas serves a variety of sock needs.

Also similar to Bombas is Stance. Stance recognized socks are often an afterthought and decided to create socks unique as the person wearing them. Featuring work and words of artists and poets, Stance offers a variety of fabrics, colors, and style socks to both men and women. Unique to Stance is their subscription service, shipping socks to your doorstep for $19 a month. You pick what goes in your box (socks and/or underwear) and they ship straight to you!

Happy Socks, a sock brand spreading color and happiness to every corner, is another notable competitor of Bombas but is not as highly reviewed by consumers as Bombas and Stance.

Happy Socks are for a very specific sock lover- someone that likes wearing outrageous patterns and colors daily! Though a great concept for children and those wearing playful socks with every outfit, unlike Bombas Happy Socks does not offer options in basic colors and designs.

Bombas Socks Review Verdict

Bombas is dedicated to positively impacting the community and YOU by selling socks that bridge the design and comfort gap. Though their price point may be a bit higher than that of traditional sock brands, averaging between $12-$18 a pair, Bombas are quality, long lasting socks complementary to your daily wardrobe.  If price is startling to you, think about it-you’re technically spending for two pair with every purchase (one for you, and one for someone in need)! Designed for durability, Bombas outlive less expensive and less comfortable traditional socks by a long run!  So when you’re rocking Bombas, you’ll not only look great but you’ll feel great too. Because with a Bombas purchase, you’re doing more than just wearing socks.

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