Baby Shower Gift Guide: 14 of the Best Gifts for New and Expecting Mothers

As a new or expecting mom, you may have an idea of what you’re going to need for yourself and your baby, but the reality could be—and likely will be—unexpected.

I know what it’s like to think you want XYZ when, in reality, you need ABC, DE, and F. And Q. 

While I did have more of a clue with the second baby, I wish I had known with the first what I actually needed as a new mom. And I wish I had known how to respond when people asked me what I wanted for baby shower gifts!

So let me do you a favor. If you’re a new or expecting mom—or if you’re in search of gifts for expecting mothers—here are some of the best gifts out there.

The Best Gifts for New and Expecting Mothers

Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

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This personalized hand and footprint keepsake kit is such a unique gift! I have something similar, and my now-11-year-old loves to measure his current handprint to the print we took when he was tiny. His hands are almost as big as mine now, so it’s a nice reminder to me, too, that he really once was just a little thing.

The kit’s impression clay is non-toxic, and the keepsake frame is made of premium-quality wood. The frame can be mounted on a wall, but it also comes with a stand on the back so you can display the keepsake on a shelf or table.

The kit comes with stencils, too, for adding a more personal touch to the imprint. The seller offers a lifetime guarantee on the kit, so you can buy with confidence.

Milky Chic Gift Box

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This Milky Chic gift box includes pretty much everything a new mom could need for a few moments of self-care. As a new mom, I would have appreciated a box like this so much, to take advantage of the rare quiet moment when the baby was napping, and really care for myself for a few minutes.

There are ten gifts included in the gift box: matching socks for mom and baby, homemade sugar scrub, a candle, bath salts, a sleep mask, and a mama bear necklace, plus some healing lactation tea, a recipe book, and a nursing cover.

What more could a new mother need?

Matching Mom and Baby Pajamas Nursing Set

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Now here’s the perfect outfit to live in day-in and day-out, when you’re too busy with diapers and feedings to take advantage of your self-care gift box. This 5-piece maternity and nursing pajama set is such a fun and practical gift for new and expecting mothers.

The set includes a nursing top, pants with an elastic waist, and a robe for mom, and a matching gown and hat for baby. The materials are 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, so they’re soft and will stretch and move with your body.

Natural Gift Set for Mom

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I received a gift set similar to this one after my first baby, and I was so glad I had these products on hand! A new mother’s body needs more attention than she might realize. This natural gift set is perfect for moms who want to take care of themselves with only the essentials.
The set includes just what a new mom needs: unscented paraben-free body butter, all-purpose salve infused with organic herbs, unscented newborn salve, unscented and vanilla lip balms, and a pack of organic post-partum tea with a stainless steel tea ball.
This set will make it easy for mom to take care of herself, and would be a perfect baby shower gift.

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You might be surprised at how much salve and powder and oil you go through with a new baby. Babies may be small, but their tiny bodies need a lot of care! This natural gift set from Ora’s Amazing Herbal includes five organic and eco-friendly baby care products that every new mother will need.
The set includes unscented baby salve, unscented newborn salve, two talc-free baby powders, and a 2oz bottle of unscented moisturizing baby oil. The salves are even safe for cloth diapers, according to the real moms who’ve tried and tested the product!

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What could be more practical than a gift set for mom or baby? A gift set for mom and baby. I loved using Aveeno when my boys were little, and recommend Aveeno to new mothers because of the purity and gentleness of their products. This Aveeno Essential Daily Care set includes six essentials for both new mothers and their little ones, without parabens, dyes, steroids, or phthalates.
The gift set comes with tear-free and soap-free baby wash and shampoo, moisturizing lotion, soothing creamy wash and moisturizing cream, and two moisturizers for mom — and it’s all packed up in a reusable tote.

Sonogram Keepsake Frame

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Every new mom wants to hold on to the very first photo of their baby! This sonogram keepsake frame would make a unique, thoughtful baby shower gift — one that will be fun for children to look at too, as a beautiful reminder of what a miracle they are.
Made for a 4” x 3” sonogram photo, the frame has silver “love at first sight” lettering, and is built to either stand on a shelf or table, or to hang on a wall.

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Practically made for snuggling with a newborn, this robe from Alexander Del Rossa is about as luxurious as it gets. It’s made from coral microfiber fleece to keep new moms comfy, warm, and cozy.
It features a hood and pockets, and inner and outer ties. Let’s back up, though: it features pockets. Imagine holding Baby in one hand and being able to reach into your pocket for a pacifier or tiny toy or even a bottle! Pockets let you free up your hands for a minute, and ensure necessities are always at the ready.
And if the fit is off or if mom isn’t happy with the robe for any reason, it comes with a risk-free guarantee and can be returned for a full refund.

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Baby books are timeless keepsakes, for both parents and children alike. They’re a memoir of someone’s first few years, and are fun to go through together with “big kids” too, to share special moments with them. If you’re a new mom—or you’re shopping for a new mom—who wants to record every adorable moment of her little one’s first year, this baby book and journal from Lovely Sprouts is what you need.
The book has 57 pages and includes over 80 spots for adding photos. With milestone tracking and plenty of space for journaling, you can document your pregnancy, birth, baby’s first year, and beyond.

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New moms are on their feet a lot. (Pacing hallways and wearing down the carpet in the nursery while you try to rock the baby to sleep is a real thing.) These Bearpaw slippers look like the most comfortable slippers ever made, and I know my swollen new-mom-feet would have loved being able to slip these on for midnight feedings or all-day wear!
Made of 100% cow suede and lined with sheep’s wool, they also feature a safe, non-marking rubber sole. Customers love how sturdy these slippers are while maintaining their softness.

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Speaking of new-mom-feet, this foot spa from Dr. Scholl’s is a must-have for new and expecting mothers. I had one of these when I was pregnant with my first and used it every single day. It was so nice to be able to come home from work and slip my feet into a heated foot spa, to try to take some pressure off — literally!
This foot spa includes a removable pumice stone and a rolling foot massager, and it comes with a 5-piece pedicure set. Just fill the spa with some warm water, dip your feet in, and relax.

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Unfortunately, one of the realities of pregnancy and new motherhood is that you’re most likely going to experience some back and neck pain. Even just sitting there snuggling your newborn might make you cramp up (because you’re looking down, staring at his or her adorable face for hours at a time)!

This neck and back massager from RESTECK will be such a relief for new moms. The shiatsu massager has four buttons that allow you to control the heat and massage modes, so you can customize the massager however you like.

Mindfulness Book

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“Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms” is the book I wish I’d had as a new mom. Moms are incredibly busy, and there is a lot of pressure to always be doing, fixing, making, or cleaning something, without pausing to breathe. It is really hard to find a moment—even just five minutes—to rest and refocus.

Technically this book is for moms with kids of all ages, but I think that new moms, especially, will find it particularly encouraging, with its practical tips and advice. “Breathe, Mama, Breathe” also includes 60 “mindful breaks,” which help moms focus on their own well-being (and sanity!).

Newborn Swaddler

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Our first baby was happiest when he was wrapped up tight in his swaddler. Babies love the safe feeling of being all cozied up — plus, swaddlers offer bonus protection against baby fingernails! This newborn swaddler with bear ears is not only adorable, but it’s also practical.

Use the swaddler as a blanket, sleeping bag, stroller liner, or over baby’s clothes as a wearable quilt. The swaddler is meant for babies 0-6 months and features a hook-and-loop closure so you can adjust the size as baby grows.

Gifts New Moms Love

Building a baby shower registry or shopping for a new or expecting mother can get confusing. There are a lot of options out there, but you want to make sure you’re choosing unique and practical gifts — gifts that new moms will love. Take it from a mom who knows: every item on this list is something you will use and appreciate. You can’t go wrong! 

Happy shopping!

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